Karl Waddell

Karl Waddell – Co-founder

Karl developed a career in healthcare recruitment in both Australia and the UK. Karl has an unwavering passion and drive to create a significant footprint in the world of SIDS research and infant safe sleep education.

Karl experiences great satisfaction in knowing that River’s Gift are making significant inroads in the world of saving infant’s lives.

Supported by a highly credentialed and experienced Board of Directors, Advisory Committees and team of employees, Karl is excited for the future direction of the organisation and the goal oriented outcomes we strive for.

Karl regularly represents River’s Gift and provides keynote deliveries at health industry seminars, corporate events and community fundraisers, representing his family’s story and the organisation’s mission of Stamping Out SIDS.

Alexandra Hamilton – Co-founder

With an extensive background in events and project management, Alex combines this experience and knowledge with a sincere passion for raising funds for SIDS research.

Originally from the UK and with 19 years of experience in the events industry, Alex has managed and developed a variety of events from product launches, exhibitions and festivals to gala balls, conferences and educational programs. Having worked in theatre and television as an actress, Alex’ events often have theatrical elements that have become a trade mark of the yearly River’s Gift Gala Ball.

As a keynote speaker, Alex has travelled nationally and internationally, speaking to audiences and industry leaders, passionately sharing her story of courage, resilience and hope.

Alex is a founding member of River’s Gift and most importantly is River’s Mum.

Alex has built a loyal bond with families in similar situations and embraces the ‘Unite’ program; River’s Gift’s unique and personalised program that embraces and brings SIDS families together. Alex says “When people lose a baby they often miss out on being acknowledged as that child’s parent; the title often gets lost in the years that follow. I feel such gratitude that I am often introduced as River’s Mum and I have the opportunity to do all I can, not only in his honour but for all of his little friends who have lost their lives to this devastating syndrome.”

Alex is also Mum to two beautiful “rainbows born after the storm”, daughter Shiloh and son Bodhi.