What causes SIDS?

Evidence based scientific research has led us to believe that many infants dying suddenly and unexplainably have an underlying brainstem abnormality. For many it is likely that a combination of factors affect a baby at a critical developmental stage.

Researchers are focused on discovering more about the sudden and unexpected malfunction of a SIDS victim’s regulatory biological centres, building hope that vulnerabilities may one day be detected via medical screening and SIDS deaths be averted.

Some infants are born vulnerable, with certain brain stem abnormalities that make them susceptible to sudden death during a critical Development period once a exogenous stressor or environmental challenges is presented.

Exogenous stressor

  • Overheated
  • Exposed to Second-hand smoke
  • Entrapment from stuffed animals or pillows
  • Environmental challenge

Source: Filano JJ, Kinney HC. Biology of the Neonate, 1994