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River’s Gift are incredibly proud to be partnering with our infant safe sleep expert, Jill Green from Soteria Safe Sleeping Advice, in delivering our information sessions around Sleeping your baby Safely.

“We need to educate people. We need to create behavioural change to save babies’ lives”– Karl Waddell, River’s Gift.

Your baby will spend a lot of their time sleeping and all children have the right to a safe sleeping environment, so find out how to Sleep your baby Safely and be a part of Stamping Out SIDS.

We are here to help by providing expectant and new parents – and grandparents – with our new and exciting online Infant Safe Sleeping sessions. These 30-minute sessions will continue to offer evidence-based safe sleeping information at times aimed at suiting your very busy schedules.

Join our four-part safe sleep sessions below

Knowing how and why to sleep your baby safely is so important.

Join us and our leading Safe Sleep expert, Jill Green from Soteria Safe Sleeping Advice, over a 4 week period as we start with an overview of the safe sleeping principles and the scientific evidence behind them and then delve deeper into more topics we are commonly asked.

To get the most from the topics highlighted below, we strongly encourage you, or anyone who is caring for your baby, to register for the Introduction to Sleeping your baby Safely prior to joining us for the specific topics.

Session 1: Introduction to Sleeping your baby Safely

This is the first of our series and covers the principles of Safe Sleeping and touches on what is a safe product; what is safe practice; what is a safe sleep place.

We look at the BACK model and how it makes remembering the basic principles simple. Jill also discusses products safety and why giving you the tools to assess the risks and benefits is so important and she dispels some of the misconceptions around reflux, “flat head” syndrome, as well as unwrapping the dilemma of “should I use a sleep bag, wrap or swaddle?” and much, much more.

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Session 2: Product Safety

Parents only want the best for their baby and might assume, especially here in Australia, that everything available for infants must be safe; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on the market, right? Unfortunately, not right…

Let’s make it simple, safe and save you money…

You will have learnt that not all nursery products sold in Australia are safe for your baby and this session is designed to give you the tools to assess for yourself – is this the right product for me or my baby?

In this session, Soteria Safe Sleeping’s Jill Green will show you what questions to ask when considering using a particular type of product, whether this is new or second-hand – e.g. Do all products sold in Australia have to comply with safety standards? How will I be using this product? and more…

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Session 3: Myths & Marketing

With the excitement of having a new baby or one on the way, you may be bombarded with lots of advice – from delighted grandparents, friends, even strangers – all well-meaning but not necessarily well-informed. Understand the facts and why safe sleeping recommendations are so important.

Since the introduction of the Safe Sleeping health promotion three decades ago, a lot has changed – years of research has identified that eliminating certain risk factors can reduce infant sleep accidents and death. It has also highlighted that claims made by manufacturers are not always accurate so it can be difficult to know what is true, or just clever marketing.

Keeping your baby safe from harm is what every parent’s wants, so let us show you what is hype and what is the evidence-based fact.

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Session 4: Sleep bags, wraps or swaddling

From swaddles, blankets and sleep bags to bedding and accessories and everything in between, there are so many gorgeous products from which to choose – what is safe, what the risks might be, how do I know what’s right for my baby?

This session focusses on helping you unwrap the benefits and risks of the many different choices of swaddles, bedding and sleeping accessories out there in the market.

What is safe bedding for your baby, what can you put in baby’s sleep place, what temperature should your nursery be, what is a TOG – and how important is that? Soteria Safe Sleeping Advice’s Jill Green will explore these and more to give you the information and confidence to set up a safe place for your baby to sleep.

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Jill Green


Jill's background in nursing and Health Promotion underpins her work spreading the safe sleeping message to families and the community and she is passionate in ensuring all children have the right to a safe sleeping environment. During her many years with Red Nose, Jill was instrumental in developing their Safe Sleeping health promotion campaign. A strong advocate for changes in policy and practice in safe sleeping and, in collaboration with researchers and other key players in this field, Jill played a key role in developing safe sleeping guidelines and resources for professionals and families.

Watch this space for further developments as River’s Gift lead the way in SIDS and safe sleep education.

Other ways you can access education on SIDS and safe sleep practices.

  • Come by our Safe Sleep, Safe Settling and SIDS advice Centre at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expos nationwide! Find out where the next event is by visiting PBC Expo.
  • Request a talk at your Childcare Centre or Contact Us.
  • Our hospital pilot program is currently being undertaken at The Epworth Geelong and Geelong Hospital. Do you work at a hospital at want to know how you can receive up to date education for your staff and patients? Contact Us.
  • Head to our partner page Soteria Safe Sleeping Advice.