Shine Blue for River.

River Waddell was born on the 2 July 2011 and just 128 days later, on the 7th November, he silently died in his sleep.

SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when a baby under the age of 1, dies in their sleep with no cause found.

This year, between 2 July 2022 and 7th November 2022, to mark those all-important 128 days of his life, we ask you to use those 128 days to shine.

From the 2 July 2022, on River’s 11th birthday, we ask you to join us and fundraise for River’s Gift and you have 128 days to do it.

Pick a day, a week, a month or the whole 128 days!

You might choose to:

  • Host your own fundraiser at work or home – a dress down or glam up! day, host a morning tea, wear all blue for the day!
  • Partner with us – donate a % of sales for a select day/month or the entire 128 days!
  • Give up coffee or alcohol and donate the proceeds
  • Have a girls or guys night in
  • Choose River’s Gift as your partner charity
  • Hold a raffle
  • Donate $1 per day ($128 total)
  • Host a bake off!
Donate now

Funds raised will enable us to:

Fund genetic research

Educate families and health professionals on SIDS and SUDI

Support and work with families affected by the devastating loss of a child from SIDS