On Saturday 7th November, nine year’s after the devastating loss of baby River Waddell, we ask you to join us and ‘Shine Blue and Share Hope’ on his 9th anniversary.

Like to get involved in our social media campaign? It’s easy:

  1. Wear something blue, write the number 9 on your hand, place your hand on your heart and take a photo.
  2. Send us your photo to be shared on social media. Send to: [email protected]; and
  3. Share your photos on your own social media with the text: “Today we shine blue for River’s Gift, 9 years after the loss of River Waddell to SIDS. Learn more about Stamping Out SIDS at riversgift.com” @RiversGift #ShineBlueForRiversGift

Downloads available for your use:

  • Poster to promote your support
  • Selfie sticks to print at home or work, to use in your photos

Or, host a family dinner on Saturday 7th November

At River’s Gift we are all about family. We understand this has been a tough time and you may be feeling disconnected from family and friends.

So, on Saturday 7th November, why not gather your family either in person (adhering to covid guidelines) or via online, and enjoy each others company, whilst raising awareness of those babies lost to SIDS.

Simply organise your family, wear something blue, write the number 9 on your hand, place your hand on your heart and take a photo. We’d love to see your photos – so please send them to [email protected]

Download the information flyerDownload the Shine Blue for River's Gift logoDownload the A3 poster to display at your workplace or homeDownload the selfie props

Businesses and organisations are encouraged to participate…

Participation can be as simple are wearing blue to work, or decorating your workplace, cafe, restaurant or shop in blue. We’re excited to see GMHBA Stadium and Geelong City Centre lights turn blue on Saturday 7th November. Thanks for your support 💙

Thanks to our Shine Blue partner, Enhance Your Future

Enhance Your Future (EYF) provides training resources and assessment tools that are designed to meet the needs of your RTO and students. EYF offers an extensive range of training materials that cover a variety of training packages across the VET Industry.

Visit Enhance Your Future

To date, River’s Gift has funded Australian and global research partnerships, educated thousands of parents across Australia on SIDS and safe sleeping, all in support of our mission of Stamping Out SIDS.

When a child dies, the ripple effect is felt far and wide, and Geelong as a community has made River’s Gift what it is today.

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