Understanding the how and why behind safe sleep principles is integral. River’s Gift are proud to launch our safe sleep guide for download now!


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You have probably heard the term “Safe sleep”, but do you know what it really means and why it is so integral? River’s Gift are pleased to launch our Safe Sleep guide to inform, educate and guide you.


River’s Gift subscribe to the B, A, C, K safe sleep model as outlined below.

Sleep your baby on their BACK
Place your baby on their BACK for every sleep from birth, on a firm, flat and well fitted mattress. Sleeping your baby on their side or tummy greatly increases the risk of SIDS or sleeping accidents A chin to chest position should always be avoided because it makes it hard for baby to breathe.

AIRWAYS are always clear
Ensure your baby’s AIRWAYS are always clear. No padded bedding, loose blankets, loose sheets, sheepskin underlay or doonas, accessories such as pillows, bumpers, sleep nests or positioners, beanies, hooded clothing or, soft toys. ALWAYS sleep your baby with their head and face uncovered.

Sleep your baby in their own COT
In your room, for the first 6 to 12 months. Sofas, armchairs, beanbags, sleep nests or positioners, slings and cushions are not safe places for your baby to sleep. Car capsules should only be used when travelling in a car, not as a sleeping place.

KEEP your baby smoke free
KEEP your baby smoke free during pregnancy and after birth.


River’s Gift Director, Alex Hamilton said “With so much conflicting advice for parents we wanted to create a “go to” guide that would not only educate on the do’s and don’ts but explain to parents, grandparents and health professional the “why.” We believe that if parents have the full picture and understand how safe sleeping can not only reduce the risk of fatal sleeping accidents but the role it potentially plays in a SIDS case, then they are more likely to follow these guidelines at all times.”